Turkey’s real estate industry has quality, modern and technological projects that give foreign investors more priorities. You will not only find the investment opportunities here more interesting; you’ll also have more property options. You can opt to buy newly-built properties, or you can buy a piece of land and build your property with the customizations you prefer. Alternatively, you could also buy land and use it for farming. The options are endless, and the best part is that you can get Turkish citizenship through the real estate after three years.

Turkish Citizenship Real Estate Properties to Consider

Whether you’re looking for investment properties to get Turkish citizenship through real estate or want to make profits, these properties will suit you. One of the properties is Nuvo Dragos, which is in Istanbul. The property comes with different living space sizes that are suitable for different preferences. However, it has been designed with the comfort of the resident in mind. It stands to give you great profits if you want to sublet or great comfort if you decide to move in. There are amenities like swimming pools and children’s playground for recreational activities and green spaces to give you the serenity you may need in your surroundings.

The seafront location of the Nef Yalıkavak project makes it one of the most valuable properties you can invest in. The project consists of residential properties as well as commercial properties, which also adds to its value. You can buy a single unit and enjoy being surrounded by water on three sides and bays on two sides. Use this property to get your Turkey citizenship by real estate investment while you enjoy the private beach it comes with as well.

Consisting of 44 villas, the Nef Gölköy project stands to help you get citizenship by real estate investment. The residential properties have the potential of giving you great returns as they have been made with the perfect designs. The property is one of the luxurious properties in the location, and it will also have some of the basic amenities such as 24-hour security, outdoor and indoor parking, and an outdoor and indoor swimming pool. A fully fitted fitness center, playground, children’s swimming pool, and sauna are also included in the project’s development plan. It is the best way to experience luxury as you wait for your citizenship by real estate investment.

You can consider other properties in Turkey for real estate development: NOVU Kagithane, Nef Bahcelievler, and Nef 36 Basin Ekspres.


One of the requirements for getting Turkey citizenship by real estate investment is that the property you invest in must be close to completion, just like these properties. You will also need a valuation of the property to ascertain that it is worth $250,000 or more, which will also be easier with these projects. You can easily get a confirmation letter for the transfer of the property and an annotated sales contract and title deed that will come in handy for the Turkish citizenship real estate process.

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