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Know How to Become a Turkish Citizen through Investing in Business  

Turkey has a great range of start-up offices, temporary offices, and satellite offices which has flexible space that allows you to stay as long as you need to grow your business.  We assist in finding the right office space. We provide Turkish offices that have the ideal professional look and are fully designed according to their space and utility. We help companies to make growth in their online business.  We also extend our hand to help connect real people in real-time on various platform that suits the brand which further helps to increase traffic.

Turkey Business Setup consultation

Turkey has a wide range of business-grade offices to accommodate budget and business needs. It provides day offices where you will get a private office to use by the day from a single user to a team of 10. It also offers shared offices where you can work without the commitment of a formal office.

Dig deeper into the expert business world set up in Turkey with us. Turkey has been the second most entrepreneurial country since 2017; foreign investors can obtain Turkish citizenship and its combined benefits by establishing a business in Turkey. It has low operating costs, stable consumer spending, a qualified labor force, and incentives provided by the Turkish government offer many advantages for ex-pats.

Setting up
Paperwork &
Rules &

Setting up business
in Turkey

Turkey is the trading center of Europe and the Middle East, so it has an exciting market. Turkey is among the fastest growing economies in the world. It is one of the best places to expand your business as it has a thriving economy, fantastic geopolitical position, super growth opportunities, a hard-working and laborious business community, and last but not least, a young population.
Here the young population loves to spend on their favorite brands as they follow trends and spend money to buy them without hesitation. The country attracts foreign investors from all over the world for all these perks. ER Turkey is there to help make a successful business plan in this foreign land.

New company registration

The Turkish Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Law is non-biased and gives fair opportunities, obligations, and the same rights to international and domestic investors. International investors may choose from any of the companies listed under the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC). Here we can help you by showing the private equity and public offering behavior. We keep operational transparency to line up the Turkish business environment with European regulations.

The four different categories of work permits in Turkey are:

  • Work permit for a specific time frame
  • Work permit for unlimited time
  • Independent work permit
  • Turquoise Card

& Documentation

For foreigners, an employment contract, Biometric photo of the foreigner, Passport, and Diploma are needed as the documents for a work permit in Turkey. Moreover, notarized signature declarations (two copies) and notarized identity cards of the company managers (one copy) are also necessary. We are there to serve and make your business journey smoother, hassle-free, and effortless for all the paperwork and documentation.

The first important document we shall prepare and notarize is the Articles of Association. It should consist of all information of shareholders, including their identities, addresses, contribution to the company’s share, and the number of their shares.

Rules and regulations
to establish a company

Some rules and regulations are to be followed to establish a company here. We help you to get the registration of a branch under Trade Registry Directorate. For that, the legal copies are required of:

  • Signed petition.
  • Original certified copy of the parent company’s articles of association.
  • Two copies of power of attorney, granted by the parent company.
  • Five copies of the Establishment Declaration Form, duly signed.
  • Two copies of the signed declarations of the branch representative under the branch title.
  • Notarized copy of the Turkish bank representative’s I’d card or the notarized copy of the representative’s Passport. It should be translated into Turkey.
  • A duly signed letter of commitment

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