Know How to Become a Turkish Citizen through Investing in Real Estate

Citizenship by Investment programs have been witnessing some major changes and one of them is the introduction of the new Turkish citizenship program which was published on the Official Gazette and entered into force in September 2018. The new law requires a minimum Real Estate investment of USD 400,000 and the citizenship could be obtained in approximately 6 months.

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Turkey has become incredibly popular with both holiday homeowners and expats over the years. Not only does the country have a rich, ancient and interesting history with an impressive and attractive cultural heritage, but property investors are attracted by the beautiful weather, stunning coastlines, colorful waters and unspoilt locations. Particularly popular locations include Antalya, Bodrum and Fethiye, areas offering modern and state of the art apartments and villas. It is also much easier to buy a home in Turkey than it is in many other European countries, with its fast turnaround being an attractive prospect to investors all over the world.